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East Central Florida has the perfect environment for bugs to thrive and constantly try and get into your home or business. Blanchard Services is the first choice for all pest control prevention needs. Blanchard Services has been a leader in pest prevention for over ten years. Our professional residential pest control and commercial pest control has been specially designed for East Central Florida.

Our Pest Prevention program is designed to keep ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, rats, and mice outside of your home. Right where they belong! Service Choice technicians are trained to identify pest problems while conducting a pest control inspection each time they visit your property forpest control services. Our home pest control services includes perimeter treatments of your home for roach control, ant control, spider control, silverfish control, flea control, and tick control. We use high quality, odorless sprays, baits, and gels specifically targeted to exterminate those bugs inside your home or those bugs trying to get in from outside.

We understand the importance of our responsibility for being good stewards of the environment while applying pest control, weed control, and lawn fertilizer products. We are proud to service all of East Central Florida.

Our Pest Prevention Program provides external perimeter around the foundation of your home to keep the pests out.

Service Includes:

  • Control of interior pests including: household ants, white footed ants, roaches, palmetto bugs, spiders and silverfish.
  • Service call-backs at no additional charge.
  • Technician notes left with every service invoice.

Optional Services:

  • Carpenter ant treatments.
  • Flea and Tick control.
  • Rodent removal and control.

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